Solar Street lighting system

Solar Street lighting system CFL

SOLAR mate Solar CFL street lighting system is an easy way to instantly use solar powered street lighting where it is needed most. This fully integrated system provides convenient and trouble free lighting for years. Normally these are available with 40Wp/50Wp/60Wp/75Wp modules, with 40Ah/75Ah battery and 11W/18W CFL luminaries. This is available in either with automatic dusk to dawn operation or with preset timer operation.



Solar Street lighting system LED

Ecomate energy efficient automatic LED street light is considered as the ultimate solution in the normal street lighting scenario. The LED is having unique advantage of high efficiency, long life, high illumination etc. All these advantages are important when used in such an application. The street light can be made very directional, to have light mostly along the roadway. This will further reduce power consumption and save more money.

Features of Solar Street lighting system CFL

  • Free and never ending energy from sun
  • Automatic dusk to dawn operation
  • Backup up to 3 days
  • Easy standalone installation, requires no special skills, tools or expertise
  • No expensive external cables, transmission losses or fuel costs
  • Unmanned operation and require less attention
  • Onetime investment almost
  • Weather proof luminaries


Features of Solar Street lighting system LED

  • Automatic facility
  • All technical advantages of the CFL street light
  • Less power consumption
  • Unlimited life span of LED, more than 11 ½ years
  • No lamp blackening associated with CF Lamps
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Free from shocks and vibration as there is no filament
  • High lumen efficiency
  • Engineering plastic case with IP-65 protection
  • Attracts no insects, since it has no IV and UV rays
  • Environment friendly, no mercury and no UV rays
  • Best color rendering index (CRI)

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