Solar Lantern CFL /LED

Solar Lanterns are the most popular type of solar lighting systems. It is shipped with Solar PV modules of 8Wp/10Wp/12Wp, CFL of 5W/7W and battery of 12V 7Ah. Highly efficient double step solar charge controller protects battery form over charging and deep discharging. SOLAR mate Solar Lantern is available in different models depending upon the size of module and lamp.
SOLAR mate LED Solar Lantern uses sunlight to work with a high intensity power LED that provides light for more hours with a fully charged battery. Average life of a LED is appx. 50000 hours and it is more than 27 years of usage when used 5 hours daily. It is shipped in different configurations.


  • Free and never ending energy from sun
  • UV stabilized light diffuser avoids yellowing
  • Rugged and attractive
  • Light in 360, giving Omni directional pure white light
  • Government approved
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Necessary protections and indications
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • This is a new feature

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