Welcome to Ecomate Energy Solutions

Ecomate Energy Solutions is a Solar Products Manufacturer, Exporter and system integrator, which is engaged in providing cost effective renewable energy Products to the clients. The renewable energy company believes that the basic power needs for daily use, can be generated by using Solar PV solutions. The range of Solar Products, we offer, encompasses solar lanterns, LED Solar Lights, Solar Street lighting systems, Solar Power Water Heater, Solar Power Systems, Off Grid Solar System, Solar Fencing Systems, Solar Home Lighting System and Solar UPS. Ecomate Energy solutions have been successful in helping its customers gain profit from maximum yields through quality of planning, component choice and execution.


Ecomate Energy is come into existence in the year 2008 and is headquartered Cochin, in Kerala. It has a team of top professionals and engineers with domain expertise of over 12 years, providing valuable conceptual insights, latest technology with top-of –the-line products and services to clients.

With depleting energy resources and power shortage, load shedding is a very common phenomenon that occurs on day-to-day basis. Solar power plants play a prominent role in similar crisis situation. Solar power plants are fully integrated power plants; PV solar modules, solar mounting systems, inverter and other electronics that wire the grid and give you an independent power supply.

Solar Power Plants built on the ground differ from that put on the roofs of houses as they require going through feasibility, environmental assessment, grid connection, sitting etc. which is typical for a large industrial project. The time taken to build such a solar power plant project is also much more than a typical rooftop residential solar installation. Building a solar power plant requires project management skills typical of an industrial project with some unique characteristics and the entire process requires detail and solid execution skills.